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Store Layout
Key features:

• Templates for retail space planning
• Retail space zoning
• Advertising zones planning
• Storage and display equipment placement
• Color coding for storage and display equipment and planograms
• Heat maps by retail zone or by equipment unit
• Sales analysis by retail zone and performance indicators per square meter
Equipment Constructor
Create your custom fixtures with:

• Component library with dimensions and pictures
• Tools to create your own set of fixture components
• Standard vertical display layout and various adjustable layouts for fridges, pallets and tables
• Variety of fixture types: slatwalls, perforated shelf, tubing, etc.
• Range of accessories: hooks, shelf dividers, wire baskets, hangers, etc.
• Fixture assembling specifications
Key features:

• High system performance – up to 1,000 goods on one planogram
• Automatic calculation of the shelf layout depth, depending on the product dimensions and fixture properties
• Shelf layout validation: fix overlays, fallouts, etc.
• Two view modes: Gross and Net, with relevant dimensions and pictures
• Support for the planogram approving process: DraftWaiting for Approval In Progress. The process includes all relevant employee roles
• Displaying of items in soft packaging: pillows, blankets, loose products
Planogram Editor

Mobile Application

Mobile merchandising with:

• Tools to implement planogram editing business process
• Support for the planogram lifecycle: from drafting to moving to archive
• Assigning tasks to the store personnel
• Monitoring the execution of the tasks by the store personnel
• Photo reports
• Geo-data based reports with error calculation during the visit (deviation from the factual positon)
• Anti-fraud system (ban on attaching a photo from the device memory)
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Analytics Module
Planogram Automation
Compliance with marketing agreements:
  • Reservation of shelf space for a brand/trademark
  • Approving of the term of an agreement
  • Fixture list for a trademark
  • Excluding of placement next to a competitor brand
Complex algorithms to plan shelf layout considering multiple parameters:
  • Margin (plan/fact)
  • Revenue (plan/fact)
  • Stock by date
  • Product dimensions
  • Packaging presence
  • Blocks and continuity of a brand layout
  • Visual parameters of a planogram (sorting from high to low products, from big to small, etc.)
Automatic planogram creation by various criteria:
  • Product category
  • Product group/subgroup
  • Price segment
  • Shelf priority
All algorithms consider real dimensions of fixtures and number of shelves
Add a Product Group in a Fast Way
Automatic Planogram Creation by Various Criteria

SpacePlanner Advantages

эффективность планограмм
High Efficiency
SpacePlanner saves your time and other resources spent on merchandising management, allowing you to complete all the tasks with a single tool
стоимость сервиса
Affordable Price
SpacePlanner is an online service offered under a subscription pricing model.
No infrastructure or expensive licenses investment
высокий уровень сервиса
Customer Service
We provide high level customer service and technical support.
And we can also develop tailored tools to your unique requirements

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